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Beware Of Fraudsters / Scamsters:

Several instances of fraud have come to the notice of Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd. (“Shemaroo”) wherein some miscreants are sending out messages /chats/ advertisement to the public through various social media platforms such as Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook etc. or job sites, in an unauthorized and illegal manner. A lot of fraudsters dupe people under the guise of being Shemaroo’s representatives / employees. To make it look genuine, the messages and advertisements may also bear the logo and trademark of Shemaroo.

Fake Recruiting Campaign

Fake Jobs/ money schemes’ scam are one of such instances wherein the fraudster/scammer are reaching out to people via Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, offering them job opportunities at Shemaroo and further promising them lucrative daily salary/income and sharing in profits of Shemaroo by working on phone for little time. Some fraudsters are misleading the public by circulating “Online Employee Agreement and film copyright dividend agreement” bearing logo of Shemaroo and making them believe that they shall receive profit share everyday. We have not issued any such advertisements nor are we entering into any such Online Employee Agreement with anyone.

Financial Fraud Attempts

Fake domain names that look very similar to ours are being used by fraudsters in an attempt to impersonate us. Fraudsters may have registered domain names to impersonate Shemaroo. They use these domains to host fake login pages with links of our official websites. The fraudsters will then proceed to steal the credentials from unsuspecting customers trying to connect to their Shemaroo accounts. They are targeting people and are trying to convince them to make payments promising monthly income in return.

Example of such fake domain names:

The differences between fake domain names and ours are sometimes subtle. Our advice is to pay extra attention to domain names and links.

The fraudsters are advertising that the income that a person may earn depends on the amount of money paid by the person i.e. higher the amount paid higher the income would be. This is a scam and Shemaroo does not ask anyone to deposit or invest or pay money in order to earn daily/ monthly income.

We would like to caution the public at large that Shemaroo has not issued or circulated such messages or advertisements and have neither authorized any third parties or agencies to circulate such messages /advertisements in media. This is a SCAM, perpetrated by people who want to gain access to your personal information or trick you into spending money.

We request you to not entertain or fall prey to any such messages/advertisements and do not respond or click on any links. If you see one of these advertisements/messages, we recommend that you don’t visit such site or click on link, it may be an unsecure page or suspicious site, or contain some malware or harmful programs and it may try to trick you into doing something dangerous online, such as revealing passwords or personal information or make payment, usually through a fake website/link. You are advised to act responsibly and not share any information with such third party. If you continue to deal with such fraudulent messages/advertisements, the same shall be at your own risk. Report any suspected fraud attempt or actual fraud at