Profile of the Company

Our Journey began over 5 decade ago when Shemaroo started as a book circulating library. Today we are an established filmed entertainment content house in India, active in content acquisition, value addition to content and content distribution with a large content library of over 3400 titles. Shemaroo has successfully transformed itself from a family-run enterprise to become a professionally managed Company.

We commenced India's first video rental business and thereafter forayed into distribution of content through the home video segment in the video home system (“VHS”) format. Over the years, our Company has successfully adapted to changing content consumption patterns by expanding into content aggregation and distribution for broadcasting on television platforms. We are continuing the expansion into New Media platforms.

Shemaroo has grown multifold over the years by developing excellent relationships with multiple players in the media industry value chain, thereby becoming one of the largest organized players in a historically fragmented industry. The Company prides that most Bollywood services that require content would have at least some content provided from Shemaroo.

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